Join the ideal platform for fundraising. Three square feet at a time.
Discover Three Square Feet.

Three Square Feet makes mindful awareness bigger than just one person. By partnering with Three Square Feet you have the ability to join the world together by promoting small, important acts of kindness to others, with no expectation of reward.

Three Square Feet is a daily reminder to be kind and generous. Each purchase allows us to provide funding to organizations like yours that are making the world a better place, Three Square Feet at a time!

Stunning products that make a difference. Three Square Feet is a unique way to reach your fundraising goals.
A Fully Managed Solution.

Three Square Feet provides a fully scalable and managed solution for your fundraising campaign. We take care of every aspect of order fulfillment so you can focus on sharing the message. Live sales and order tracking is provided through our order dashboard.

We partner with your organization for an entire month, allowing us to help 12 charities every year. For each order placed with Three Square Feet during the month of your campaign, we provide you with 51% of our total worldwide earnings.

The time for change is now. Let's get started today. Contact Richard Smyth at 1 (877) 99-3SQFT EXT 903 or email