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Our Story


Three Square Feet provides a powerful but gentle way to recognise the influence of kindness towards others.  It's a way to show your kindness in meaningful ways.

Wearing your "3" is a gentle reminder to you and a point of engagement to those that see it.

Started in Canada, Three Square Feet has grown to over 20 countries around the world.  We need your help to make kindness bigger than just one person.


Helping to create world harmony by promoting mutual compassion through positive acts of kindness.

Three Square Feet helps to spread Mindful Awareness, person to person, while providing funding for responsible charities around the world.  A portion of proceeds from every product sold by Three Square Feet goes directly to helping those in need, specifically, country to country, person to person.

So it is with each purchase that we are one step closer to realizing the effects of mindful awareness, as it spreads Three Square Feet around the world.

We look forward to seeing your personal ‘Three’.   Please be inspired to send us your pic.