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A question for thinkers amongst us~

Posted by David Johann on

Which is stronger?

A healthy hundred-year-old Oak tree with its deep roots fully imbedded in solid soil … or a single blade of grass?


Let me give you a visual…


After a hurricane, the Oak Tree lays in a shambles on the ground,

Splintered and broken.

The single blade of grass simply lies down   and then springs up again after the trauma.


The blade of grass exists, exactly the same as it was before.



What does that mean to us as humans?


The person with the most flexibility truly is really the strongest.

In other words, if someone is too ridged ~ in thought or demeanor…

They can be upset very easily. Even ‘the meanies’ amongst us, who can dish it out, usually cannot receive it back!


Life may be so much better ~ by being flexible, just like the little blade of grass.


Being broken is… well, broken.


Just Imagine, what could possibly happen if we should lie down… and be strong?


True strength might be a greater way.

We can all choose our own strength.


I know which one I prefer.


See you at the gym.